What are The Best Oncology Board Review Questions ?

HOQBank , obviously!
Just kidding…
While I did develop my webpage out of a passion for learning, teaching and education, I know that a healthy robust educational field benefits not only students and educators but also the entire field of medical oncology.

There are variety of different question banks after.  Each after strengths and weaknesses.  Perhaps some of them are backed by larger corporations, or pedigreed institution, but maybe lack the adequate volume to develop proficiency.  Perhaps many of them do not have enough flashcards.  Maybe some of them charge too much for a financially strapped fellow.  Whatever the scenario may be, it is best to use at least 2-3 different question banks, to really home in your skills.  As the adage goes “repetition is the branding iron of knowledge”.  There is also the other adage “practice makes perfect”.  And of course, every PE coach’s favorite, “no pain no gain”.  OK, that is enough trite adages.

Whatever clichés you live by (or do not, for that matter), at least take this one pill of wisdom and sign up for a few question banks.  My only take away for anyone taking these exams is do it once and do it right. And take the exams together. There really is no good reason to separate them out. There is quite a bit of overlap, and you are at the peak of your knowledge base the last day of fellowship. I have met plenty of people that either did not pass or decided to stagger the 2 exams. I can tell you, they had very painful years following the first attempt.