Rectal cancer #2

Rectal Cancer

45 Gy +5 Gy boost
How much radiotherapy is given with rectal cancer treatment?
Nightly 5-fluorouracil plus radiotherapy
Which regimen is used for neoadjuvant rectal cancer management?
Reduces local recurrence but no change in overall survival
Does neoadjuvant treatment for rectal cancer change overall survival?
Xeloda plus radiotherapy
Which 5-fluorouracil regimen is used for neoadjuvant rectal cancer?
5 x 5 radiotherapy
What neoadjuvant approach is used in Europe for rectal cancer?
Recurrences 6% with neoadjuvant versus 13% with adjuvant
What did the German clinical trial show for neoadjuvant versus adjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer?
What is the role of oxaliplatin for rectal cancer?
Does the 5-fluorouracil plus radiotherapy regimen for neoadjuvant rectal cancer management include a bolus?
5 cm
With tumor size for rectal cancer confers poor prognosis?
Ultrasound or MRI even for a polyp
What imaging is required preoperatively for rectal cancer?
Does CEA monitoring matter for rectal cancer?
5 cm
How centimeters from the anal verge defines lower one third for an abdominoperineal resection?
Clinical T1 with pathologic T1 and no evidence of lymphovascular invasion, involved margins, or other high risk features
Which rectal cancer lesions can be treated with local excision only?
Preoperative concurrent chemoradiotherapy to try and convert to LAR
What options to patients with initial lower one third rectal tumors have to avoid abdominoperineal resection?
If patients get low anterior resection first without chemotherapy, is there still a role for adjuvant chemotherapy?
Is there a role for surgery in metastatic rectal cancer?