Hematology Certification Exam Blueprints

What are my thoughts?

I think this short PDF, is one of the most useful guides set out by the American Board of Internal Medicine.  It gives a very nice clean organized breakdown of not only all covered topics, but the amount of weight that is carried by each.  For example, they allocate roughly 8% of questions to hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.  While hematopoietic stem cell transplantation may not account for 8% of the clinical experience for all fellows across the country, it should occupy approximately 8% of your time as far as study commitments.

As another example, transfusion medicine, inherited bleeding disorders, white blood cell disorders and bone marrow failure syndromes as an aggregate account for 15% of total questions.  Again, while these cases may not account for 15% of the average fellow’s clinical experience, they should start to consume that much of your study in preparation time.  

Do not let this frighten you.  You will get through this!  In clinical practice, you can always look up some of the nuances of chronic granulomatous disease or the latest recommendations on prophylaxis for GVHD, but they should be at your fingertips for the board exam.  As a final bit of advice, print out the PDF form, and use a pen to check off topics you already studied or plan to study, and help develop your calendar.